Addressing your concerns regarding health related problems particularly as it relates to your medication.
Help patient to comply safely and effectively with their therapy.
Reduce medication therapy costs
Provide nutritional and fat reduction consulting.
Promote wellness and prevent drug-induced disease.
Promote healthy lifestyles.
Provide patient educational resources.
Monitor closely the effectiveness of therapy and monitor for adverse effects.
Provide consulting and resources to allow pharmacists/providers to implement new and innovative patient care services.
Support them in addressing regulatory and accreditation standards.
Provide drug information resources as well as protocols for collaborative practice of specific disease states.
Promote and provide guidelines for collaborative practice among healthcare professionals.
Provide collaborative practice support in managing your patient's medication therapy effectively and safely.
Provide pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenomic consoling and services. Provide pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenomic consoling and services.
Provide nutritional and medication information services as well as guidelines.
Support patient medication education and compliance enhancement services.

Our Patient Care Philosophy and Goals are to help promote the maximum patient therapeutic benefit, while minimizing the risks of therapy in a collaborative practice approach with the patient's physician.

Our organizational consulting Philosophy and Goals are to provide quality consulting and resources to patient care providers in providing enhanced patient care services, expanding their business base, and achieving compliance with accreditation and professional guidelines. A major part of our consulting goals are to provide the community pharmacy with the resources and guidance to enhance their clinical patient care practice.

We believe strongly in the concept of Collaborative Practice involving the physician's leadership as the diagnostician and therapy leader combined with the pharmacist's expertise in pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics, and pharmacodynamics. A Collaborative approach to patient care can also promote medication cost reduction strategies.
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